Diginow’s background in electric motorcycle racing, led to the development of their newest V2 super-charging systems, which are used Internationally and can charge a riders motorcycle in the time it takes to stop for a coffee!

The super-charge system is offered in 3 different ratings, using a standard Type 2 Mennekes charging plug, used throughout Europe and the ever expanding EV charging networks.

How it works, a simple bolt-on and plug-in unit can turn commuting capabilities into a touring spec WITHOUT any need for rewiring or cutting! The units are belly paninstalled and come with a new pan, replacing the standard integrated charger – leaving the tank space available for either a power-tank or storage space. All supercharge units are designed to fit all Zero motorcycles from 2013 onwards.

*7.2kwh battery with 6.6kw Supercharger



CHARGE TIMES ( to 80%):

6.5kwh – 1 hour

7.2kwh – 1 hour 6 

13.0kwh – 2 hour

14.4kwh – 2 hour 12


£1500 ex VAT



CHARGE TIMES (to 80%):

6.5kwh – 36 mins 

7.2kwh – 40 mins

13.0kwh – 1 hour

14.4kwh – 1 hour 6 


£2000 ex VAT



CHARGE TIMES (to 80%):

13.0kwh – 40 mins

14.4kwh – 44 mins


£2700 ex VAT

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find full specifications of the supercharger and the variants?


How does the charger installation affect my manufacturers warranty?

Manufacturers have very specific warranty policies regarding aftermarket parts added and although they have not approved the charger – they have not legally disproved their use either. In reality, if there is an issue with the battery after the installation of the supercharger and it is found that the conversion has caused a problem, then Diginow will cover the cost of repair, if however there is a problem with the battery and the supercharger is not the cause, then the manufacturers have no ground to void the warranty.

Super-charger has a 1 year guarantee.


How easy is the chargers installation?

A simple case of unbolting the existing belly pan and unplugging the standard charger, re-bolting the in new unit and plugging the new charger.

Easy work for both dealer and consumer alike.


How does the charger affect the battery’s longevity?

Tests show using the Diginow supercharger, actually prolongs the life of the battery and with the technical advancements – fast-charging is becoming a more viable and effective option.


Do you need to turn the motorcycle on before commencing charging?

Currently, to initiate V2 charging the motorcycle is turned on and turned off once charging commences.


What models will the chargers fit?

The Supercharger will fit Zero models from 2013 onwards and available for other electric motorcycle brands upon request.


Can i still charge from a household 240v plug once the charger is installed?

Yes, English Electric Motor Co. can provide an adaptor lead.


Why do you only offer belly pan’ installations rather than in the dummy tank?

The belly pan installation allows for a much better cooling to the battery, has been proven to extend battery life and is a far simpler fit – leaving the dummy tank compartment free for storage or an extra battery.


Does the DigiNow charger automatically manage battery health, for example, not loading to 100% every time or all the time?

 Diginow are developing both iOS and Android apps to inform the user of both charge-rates and the percentage choice to charge their battery to.

How do you mount these on FX/FXS models?

The best option we’ve found so far is to get one of the Zero FX Top Box Racks and install the charger and control board on the rack.

Can you start with 1 or 2 chargers and add more over time?


We offer finance on any of the DigiNow packages

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