From Past to Present….

It all began with Old Empire Motorcycles.

Founded through an absolute and enduring passion for everything two wheeled, The House of Assembly is what we built to pay daily homage to the gods of speed and fuel.

It’s also where The English Electric Motor Co. was born.

It’s the place where we meet, greet, drill, weld, cut, grind, turn, mill, hammer, roll and notch to our hearts content to create and display both our bespoke – and now electric – motorcycles.

Unlike most custom bike builders or retailers in the UK we do not stick to styling ‘rules’ but focused on creating the very best we possibly can with what we are given. By creating a handful of one off custom bikes annually, all of which take their names from Great British automotive, aeronautic and maritime history, we like to think we made a nod of recognition to the people who designed and built these machines for us to be inspired by today.

One of our aims has always been to design and craft as much as we can entirely in Britain and working with other British manufacturers play a big part throughout OEM motorcycles, parts and clothing also. And now we’re bringing all of these values and attributes to the world of electric motorcycles.

We believe that there are no rules when it comes to motorcycles… Just the thrill of the ride!